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Want to talk?

You might want just to talk what is in your heart and get a second opinion on things. Hope House offers you to get a second opinion on your thougths from a Christian perspective.

I want to continue

I want to talk and know more. Can I access more study times?


How does others see the world? Is everything I learned in my school common sense for everyone in the world or maybe someone see the world differently? 

I want to study with others

I want to study more, It is ok with others. Hope House offers many groups and study sessions. Sign up for one of them here.

Is there a spiritual reality?

Is the physical world all that is? 

Or is there more? Is there life after death? How can I know? How can I relate to the spiritual dimention of Heaven?

What language?

We have talkers that can speak to you in Japanese and/or English. Check out your talk mate and sellect the one who is available at the time you can come, and who speaks a language you want to speak in.

Book an Appointment

Welcome to LIFE TALK, where I offer counseling sessions that provide a new perspective on your life. Our sessions are designed to help you break through obstacles and find a fresh perspective on the challenges you’re facing. Together, we’ll explore strategies to address the issues holding you back and empower you to create a life you love.


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